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Successful but unsuccessful by SockTiger
Successful but unsuccessful
a Businesswoman who has had a brilliant career, but when getting older and slowly retireing gets to notice there is noone out there who'd actually care for her in any standarts.
Drawn different way from my other works, 'cause I got inspired by someone else's works and... yeah, here's a
I hate kids.. by SockTiger
I hate kids..
You know, how you don't really like kids, but at your 30's you make one anyway. What? It's your kid, of course he/she is completely different from all horrible brats out there. Yet raising him/her is tough work, and when he/she grows to an adult you are happy and relieved. But then you get grandchildren and find yourself looking after them instead of taking sun in hawaji. Doesn't that just piss you off your mind!
Happy together by SockTiger
Happy together
I actually have loats of story about these two, but I'm not gonna talk about that. I want to do more than write about them within next two weeks. This one was done in hurry, and it's three years old, but for some reason it makes happy, so I thought I'd share it with everyone who happens to see it.   
Different but same by SockTiger
Different but same
You guys know what? I love vampires, with a big L. I have maybe 15 different vampire stories so far! In some they are monsters, in some they are not good, but more humane, in some they actually quite nice and in some I really have no idea what they are about. I draw more pretty vampires, than monster vampires, but I love both versions. But then there are these more goblin like vampires I don't draw too often. They are powerful but don't transform into more bat like creatures. Isn't it weird how the two can be the same beings, even though they look nothing alike?   
Vappu by SockTiger
Vappu is a character I came up just for blue hair. I remember I enjoyed drawing this. It's one of the first drawings I coloured with mangapen called blush, and drew that many details in ones outfit.



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